NORTHSIDE NO. 2 | Images

Constructed / 2008

Use / Office & Retail

More Info / completed while with Comma-Q Architecture


NORTHSIDE NO. 2 is part of a larger development project that re-purposed a number of vacant industrial buildings in Bozeman, Montana's northeast side of town. It had been used primarily as a 50' x 130' storage shed but it's lightweight wood framed interior was not adequate to meet current codes. Replacing the structure with a new building would have meant shifting the footprint away from the street to meet current city setback standards and losing valuable development space within the core of the site. So, the shell of the building was preserved, while the interior wood frame was replaced with a new steel and wood hybrid system. Two parallel chord trusses run the length of the building and help straighten the sagging structure. Insulation was added to the exterior side of the original roof sheathing to preserve the character of the original wood boards. The exterior metal corrugated siding was carefully removed to add a weather barrier and structural reinforcement, then re-applied. Northside No. 2 exists today as five commercial spaces and a thriving hub of activity  anchoring the overall development.