CABIN | Images

Constructed / 2008

Use / Small House

Structure / Wood Frame, Non-Combustible Exterior

Photo Credits / Christian Columbres

More Info /                                                                        completed with Dennis Cusack, AIA / SRG Partnership



This cabin sits on the Washington side of the Columbia River on a steep sloping and very dry site, with views to Mt. Hood. Due to the risk of wildfires, one of the primary goals was for the exterior to be entirely non-combustible. All materials (even the type of wood) were chosen for their fire resistance. The main cabin and exterior walking surfaces were also elevated to mitigate the risk of grass fires. This also reduces disruption to the native grasses and wildflowers. The cabin footprint is 20’ x 20’ with a simple and efficient interior and a primary focus to Mt. Hood. Large sliding exterior shutters were installed to provide security, but also to act as solar shading devices. Through the use of passive ventilation, shading, a soapstone wood burning stove, and concrete floor for thermal mass, the energy usage is minimal. Future plans to add a solar array to the roof would completely isolate itself from the power grid.